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The good-for-you Kanna supplement that activates full-spectrum aliveness.


Feel yourself

Discover how natural empathogens can help you navigate everyday stress like never before*. Buy KA! Kanna Chews and Tincture online to experience an immediate sense of calm, grounded energy and an easeful state of being in your everyday life.

Made of 100% plants, our daily Kanna supplements are designed to literally bring you to life, and taste as good as they feel.

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Felt By

Kanna is the next big thing in mental health

Kanna is a natural empathogen and psychoactive (not psychedelic) plant that’s been widely used across South Africa for thousands of years. It’s clinically-proven to reduce stress and increase focus, helping people feel more alive, capable and connected to themselves, others and nature. Kanna is neuroprotective and nervous-system loving, known for its subtle yet felt heart-opening, tension-reducing effects.

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What do KA! Kanna supplements do?

Our Kanna supplements can help calibrate your brain, optimizing it for calm, focus, endurance and a brighter mood. KA! Kanna Chews and KA! Kanna Tincture are natural empathogenic alternatives to pharmaceuticals, and the only legal entheogens in existence.

🙃 Mood

👭 Connection

🐱 Calm

👁 Focus

🌳 Grounded Energy

Tingles when
it hits

the mind

Uplifting and
grounding at
the same time

ancient remedy

No sugar,
no preservatives,
no :(

Supports nervous,
cognitive and
immune systems

ethically grown
and sourced

Safe, legal, sober,

What’s an empathogenic?!

Empathogens make you feel things. They’re compounds that biochemically interact (AKA “play jazz”) with the serotonin and dopamine neuroreceptors in your brain to help you feel a fuller sense of aliveness and a deeper connection to yourself and others. Ours are always made with whole plants—some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t. They’re all safe, non-psychedelic alkaloid allies that help your mind finish your heart’s sentences.

How our Kanna supplements make ya feel

It honestly allows a deeper, better, more open-hearted connection with people because you do get that increased serotonin effect. ~Dr. Cory Reddish

When it starts to tingle, I know something good is about to happen... ~ Amber

I found myself creatively inspired and motivated to act on it...kinda out of nowhere. ~Haley

KA! makes me feel relaxed and energized at the same time. ~Amanda

Love the feeling of euphoria, energy and focus. Colors are more vibrant. It feels like an internal cleansing. ~Manuela

For when you want to connect with people, slow down, listen longer—feel them rather than think with them. ~Julian

It made me more present to what I wanted and how I wanted to feel. It made me more decisive...more clear. ~Daniel

Handmade with plants
that bring you to life

First-of-its-Kind Blend

Our pioneering formulation of key nutrients contains unique phytochemicals that are non-synthesizable (AKA cannot be accomplished) by pharmaceuticals.

Made by Scientists

Thoughtfully crafted by a team versed in biochemistry, molecular biology, nutra-ceuticals, herbalism & flavor science to ensure safety, efficacy & deliciousness.

Patented Perfection

A patented Kanna extraction process ensures consistently high levels of quality and potency.

Tested & Trusted

We are FDA compliant and do rigorous third-party testing to meet and exceed U.S. Pharmacopeia standards for microbial safety, heavy metals and toxicity.

No sugar
No calories
No "natural" flavors
No soy
No nuts
No animal products
No caffeine
No artificial sweeteners
No preservatives
No plastic

Join us on our mission to restore full-spectrum aliveness.
Buy Kanna online and explore how microdosing 100% plant-based, natural empathogens can truly change your life.

Wanna Kanna?
Three women laying on a blanket with Kanna Gum in their mouths

Oh my KA!

The happiest plant on earth.
The full-spectrum feeler.
The ancient South African botanical phenomenon
that science is only just beginning to fathom...

Kanna was embraced by earth’s earliest inhabitants for its life-giving qualities,
long before there was language to describe them.

The Khoisan would chew on its roots to calm their systems, balance their minds, clarify their vision, open their hearts and feel the fullness of their a l i v e n e s s.

Thousands of years later,
the world has never needed it more:
A natural way to ground, de-stress, focus and connect—
All while freshening your breath…

(K)aaaaaaaaah. The first-of-its-kind, good-for-you Kanna Chew made with synergistic plants that bring you to life.

A tongue and spirit-tickling crescendo of bioactive flavor and vibe
formulated to help you feel alive.

Feel here.
Feel clear.
Feel yourself.


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