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Refreshed and integrated

Refreshed and integrated

This edition features what happens to our brains during near-death experiences, deep sleep rest without the sleep, the argument for play as a creativity boost, and Esther Perel’s fascinating lexicon for human emotions. So grab a cup of tea, take some KA!, and get ready to be the most interesting person at your next dinner party…


What Near-Death Experiences Reveal about the Brain

We're diving into the wild world of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). These extraordinary happenings occur when individuals brush with the edge of life, featuring out-of-body adventures, encounters with radiant lights, and reunions with spiritual entities or loved ones. Scientists are delving into the brain's role in these experiences, especially during oxygen and blood-deprived moments like cardiac arrests. From Hemingway's war stories to modern scientific quests, this article is your ticket to the curious world of NDEs. SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN 


#NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest) with Dr. Andrew Huberman

Can you get that deeply rested feeling…without the ZzZ’s? Embark on a 10-minute mental journey with Stanford’s mind maestro Andrew Huberman of #HubermanLab, who will give your system an (easy) hard reset in 10 little minutes to help induce Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR). Brace yourself for a boost in daytime mojo and focus that’ll make your brain do cartwheels. YOUTUBE


If You Want To Be More Creative, Train Your Body Not Your Mind

Bianca Dove has a delightful secret to share: when it comes to creativity, it's not just about training your brain; it's about training the whole body! To turn our wild creative dreams into reality, we’ve got to let our bodies in on the action. Bianca reveals how embodying your dreams and feeling them deep in your bones can take you places mere thoughts can't. So, join us on a physical adventure of creativity, audacity, and artistic play. It's easier (and more fun) than you think! FAST COMPANY


A Page from Esther Perel’s Pocket Encyclopedia of Human Emotions

Step into relationship guru Esther Perel’s lexicon of human emotions. The psychotherapist and podcast host unveils her own pocket encyclopedia that she's crafted from her podcasts, books, and conversations over the years. Pop into her brain and explore the concept of ambiguous loss, empathic distress, and even tragic optimism, all while navigating the path of collective resilience in these ever-changing times. THE CUT

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