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Safe and connected

Safe and connected

Start with a rejuvenating spring Qigong sesh and then dive into psychedelics & microdosing for mental health, how spirituality supports the brain, and techniques for coping with trauma. Drop some KA! & dig into some brain-loving practices for your higher self. 


Cherry Blossom Qigong: Spring Practice 

A guided Qigong practice from a cherry blossom-drenched Shinto temple? Say less. Whether you're a beginner or experienced practitioner, this practice is perfect for rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit in the midst of nature's awakening: RENEWED ENERGY


M.O.M: Moms on Mushrooms

For the ones who do it all 💐 Moms on Mushrooms bridges the gap between uncertainty and community by providing education and support (exclusively for mothers) through multiple offerings centered around the sacred practice of microdosing mushrooms. Learn more here: MICRODOSING MAMAS


How Psychedelics Helped Me Get Off SSRIs and Find True Happiness

Model, actress & comedian Charlotte McKinney sits down to share her journey through mental health struggles and how psychedelics helped get her off SSRIs, become a better person and find joy again. Listen to the podcast here: ALL THE FEELS

P.S. If you’re looking for non-pharmaceutical support, KA! is a natural serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SRI) that can help you transition off SSRIs 👀 Just be sure to talk to your doctor about changing things up with your meds.

And because Kanna increases serotonin levels, do not take KA! if you’re on SSRIs, MAOIs or SNRIs so as to prevent serotonin syndrome (too much serotonin in your body). Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

How Spirituality Protects Your Brain From Despair

What if our innate spirituality was the antidote to the escalating rates of mental health issues in our world? Dr. Lisa Miller, a Columbia University professor, studies the profound interplay between spirituality and mental health and distills it into 7 🤯 minutes. Check it out here: AWAKENED AWARENESS

Roadmap for Trauma PTSD

 Did you know 70% of people will live through a traumatic event in their lifetime, and 7% of U.S. veterans will experience PTSD? This interactive roadmap provides an understanding of what trauma and PTSD are, their potential impact, how to cope, and where to find credible resources to further your healing journey: OVERCOMING ROADBLOCKS

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