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Astonishment and jubilation

Astonishment and jubilation

This edition features heart-centered art including an intimate concert with Mac Miller, the sound of plants, healing through paint strokes, and some of our favorite IG artists.


Artist Invents Device That Can Listen To Plant Music

Plants rule. We already know they can feel things, sense light, and communicate with each other, but now we know they also make music 🤯. And not just any music, these leafy maestros are dropping beats and rocking the photosynthetic stage! Watch this 4-minute video and be prepared to be amazed.  YOUTUBE 


Mac Miller: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Mac Miller was a prolific rapper and producer who left this Earth five years ago this month. In honor of the incredible legacy he left during his 26 short years on our planet, we are celebrating his music-making in this incredible NPR Tiny Desk Concert. Feast your ears on his rhythm, soul and ability to add humor and vulnerability to the quippiest of lyrics.🕊️ NPR


Art as a Journey of Self Discovery With Otis Carey

Dive into the vibrant journey of Otis Carey, a wave-riding, culture-bending artist who swapped his board for a paintbrush and found himself. From his explorations of mental health to cosmically connecting back to his roots, his art speaks the language of emotions in the wild. Discover how he rides the waves of self-discovery and creativity in ways that'll make your soul groove. URTH MAGAZINE


Top 12 Psychedelic Artists on Instagram Right Now

Embark on a mind-bending journey into the kaleidoscopic world of psychedelic art. It's a realm where ancient meets modern, science meets therapy, and the cosmos collide with the sublime. You don’t wanna miss this one by one of our favorite psyche-publications. DOUBLE BLIND

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