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Meet Shamanic Educator and KA! Ambassador Alyson Charles

Meet Shamanic Educator and KA! Ambassador Alyson Charles

Who are you and what are you all about? 

I’m Alyson Charles Storey. A human, shamanic educator, facilitator and medicine woman. I am someone infinitely grateful for my pure connection to God, my own soul and Mama Earth. I’m a bestselling author of Animal Power book and card deck. I’m a wife to my incredible husband, Luke Storey. I’m very down-to-Earth and have a very silly / goofy side to me while also living in total devotion to the directives the Divine has for my life. I love my family (including our cutest Cookie dog and Jelly Bean cat) and I’m currently fascinated by how enlightenment energies have been teaching me / making their way more into my life + in awe of finally healing some deepest childhood wounding that I *just* got to the nucleus of after 45 years on Earth this go ‘round. Oh! I also sing + channel medicine songs and play guitar, facilitate drumming shamanic journeys and host an internationally acclaimed podcast called “Ceremony Circle” (you can hear all about KA! In episode #114 that features KA! founder Stephanie Wang) Check the podcast episode out here.

Do you have a practice/business/service? If so, what is it?

If so, what is it? You can learn more about my calling and the ways it’s of service at or on my Instagram. While historically I have shared about Shamanism, reaching the masses via giving talks, through the media and live ceremonies and events such as being featured in Marie Claire Magazine, Forbes, The New York Times, GAIA TV etc. and speaking to 10,000 people at the HBO Film Festival and 15,000 at POPSUGAR events in NYC, I’ve been on a grounding pause for many months. I’ve been returning to many of the simplest yet most powerful truths and joys and allowing the next Divine directives to enter in (which I can feel are arriving and I’m excited to see what new applications my shamanic calling will soon share). One thing that has already revealed is hosting a couples retreat with my husband in 2025! Our romantic love brand is called Higher Power Couple and this retreat will be for both singles ready to align in sacred union and also couples ready to go even deeper with their love and connection.


Why did you start your practice/business/service? 

I had a simultaneous Divine intervention and spiritual awakening that changed everything about my life. Decades ago, I had previously struggled to exit out of a long-term abusive relationship and the awakening finally lifted the veil of illusion and denials / cycle of insanity and shifted me over to a path of surrender and service via my soul calling of walking the Shamanic path.


How do you incorporate KA! into your life? What kind of impact has it had?

What kind of impact has it had? For me, I really listen to the spirit of kanna to determine when I’m called to work with KA! So, the incorporation into my life feels very organic, intuitive and aligned with all the beautiful ingredients in KA! along with being aligned with all parts of me and what I’m needing on a mind/body/spirit/soul level. I also love to carry it with me in case I get an intuitive hit to share it with someone, as these plant spirits have a clear and beautiful way of revealing when a new relationship with someone is ready to be formed. KA! has continued to heal parts of my heart and allowed me to connect with my truest nature, it’s facilitated greater intimacy and joy in relationships, it settled some anxiety I was experiencing last year during some very dark times and in general I feel it supports me in being in a state of presence and gratitude. My favorite right now is working with the KA! kanna tincture.


What's your favorite thing about KA! and how you share it with your community? 

Witnessing my community be more drawn to KA! than any other product I’ve shared about! There was an instant and clear resonance with my community that I could directly see, especially when Stephanie’s episode released on my podcast. It brings my heart so much additional joy knowing that countless, epic folks in my community are tuning into the magic of KA! listening to their hearts and leaning in to experience it for themselves!


Has anything special or unexpected occurred because of our collaboration? 

Pertaining to my above answer, the most beautiful result has been seeing how ready the world is to reconnect to these ancient and revered plant allies and teachers, and doing so in a healthy, integrated, healing way. I’m forever grateful that the spirit of kanna called to me once again this lifetime.


What would you say to folks considering becoming KA! Ambassadors? 

For me personally, I’m incredibly discerning with partnerships, yet working with KA! was an all heart + no brainer decision. Knowing one can facilitate another avenue of healing and wellness for the world, along with more open, healed hearts and people getting more connected with mother earth and their own souls ~ to me there is no greater venture one can be a part of!

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