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Meet Doctor of Functional Medicine and KA! Ambassador Dr. Lance Cutsforth

Meet Doctor of Functional Medicine and KA! Ambassador Dr. Lance Cutsforth

Who are you and what are you all about? 

My name is Dr. Clarence (Lance) Cutsforth and I am a double Board-Certified Doctor of Functional Medicine.  I specialize in working with active Military, First Responders, Law Enforcement, and Veterans of those vocations who struggle with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety disorders, and addictions. I utilize non-pharmaceutical modalities of treatment in my course of practice that range from nutrition reprogramming to hyperbaric oxygen therapy to judicious use of entheogenic plant medicines to cranial electrostimulation – all wrapped and supported by robust integration therapy, counseling, and coaching.  I am a veteran of the US Army, having served as a Special Forces communications specialist and later as an Infantry Officer with deployments ranging from counter-narcotics operations in Central America to implementation of The Dayton Peace Accord in Bosnia-Herzegovina. I am a product of my own healing journey protocols, and am now circling back to help others from a place of Lived Experience. I also mentor and coach athletes and executives in performance optimization and finding life balance.


Do you have a practice/business/service? If so, what is it?

I have a personal practice for individual work with clients in the areas mentioned above.  I also have a business – Nova Pax Wellness – that ‘stacks’ the modalities listed above in a compressed, comprehensive manner.  We are establishing a physical location in Littleton, Colorado as well as building mobile treatment centers that can deploy to any US location.


Why did you start your practice/business/service?

With the death toll by self-harm/suicide rate in this demographic in the US alone approaching 45 people per day, I felt called to position myself where the greatest population of those suffering are traveling to seek help, and where I have the most latitude professionally to help those struggling.  In addition to private practice, I also work with organizations like The Wounded Healer Project, Sacred Hunting, Illuminating Heroes, The Mission After, Project: ReBirth and The Moral Compass Federation to provide safe spaces for these brave men and women to find lasting healing and escape a lifetime dependence on pharmaceuticals.


How do you incorporate KA! into your life? What kind of impact has it had?

My whole family and I use KA! daily.  My wife and son prefer the tincture and my daughter and I prefer the chews.  My daughter is 15 and son is 13. Ka! has been really great in helping to smooth out some of the challenges that teenagers face with new hormones racing through their bodies…  For all of us, KA! gives a very subtle, gradual ‘smoothing of sharp edges’ in perspective, mood, and quality of life.  The level of connection, communication, compassion, and love shared within our family has slowly but steadily improved since we have used KA! It isn’t a cure or a quick fix, but it is very much a beautiful supplemental resource.


What's your favorite thing about KA! and how you share it with your community?

I love that KA! is so subtle yet profoundly consistent and powerful over time.  I also love that it is completely legal so none of my patients have the least concern about utilizing this beautiful plant medicine.  I share KA! by personal testimonial and HIGHLY recommending its use for anyone with whom I work.


Has anything special or unexpected occurred because of our collaboration? 

Our collaboration has led to us opening our minds and hearts to creativity, which has led to us working together to plan and launch a facilitated 30-day Veteran and First Responder KA! Experience. How cool is that??


What would you say to folks considering becoming KA! Ambassadors? 

It is an incredibly easy decision with all upside and no downside.  At the bare minimum, you get 20% off of your personal use (10% commission plus 10% discount). Beyond that, you get to help your friends, family, and clients be introduced to this beautiful plant medicine that has helped you.  Why wouldn’t you want to share, give them the opportunity to buy at a 10% discount, and enjoy 10% for making the connection?

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