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Meet Psychedelic Research Writer and KA! Ambassador Henry Winslow

Meet Psychedelic Research Writer and KA! Ambassador Henry Winslow

Who are you and what are you all about?

I'm Henry, founder of Tricycle Day, a free twice-a-week email newsletter covering psychedelic research, policy, and business. When I'm not posting memes or finding other ways to make psychedelic education fun, I'm focused on being the best dad to my 19-month-old son that I can be. Professionally, I come from a background in healthcare marketing and yoga. I used to think those two disciplines were completely disconnected, but with psychedelics, I may have found the bridge.


Do you have a practice/business/service? If so, what is it?

Yes, Tricycle Day is my full-time gig. Aside from the newsletter itself, my team and I have a growth marketing agency for psychedelic businesses called Let Go Studio. Tricycle Day also has a number of different on-demand courses for deeper education on topics like harm reduction, integration, mushroom cultivation, and breathwork.


Why did you start your practice/business/service?

I started Tricycle Day because, like most people working in the psychedelic space, I had a profound personal experience with medicine many years ago. As a consumer of psychedelic media myself, I saw an opportunity to create something fresh. While most outlets were speaking to experts, I knew more and more new people were getting interested in psychedelics everyday. Convinced that the denser content could be alienating to them, I chose to make Tricycle Day approachable. These topics can get heavy, so bringing humor and levity to the facts is a big part of Tricycle Day's brand.


How do you incorporate KA! into your life? What kind of impact has it had?

I like to take a KA! chew in the morning and a tincture dropper in the afternoon. I find that it helps me keep my spirits high through the inevitable challenges of running a business. It's subtle, but I notice a lift in my mood and an ease of connection to other people.


What's your favorite thing about KA! and how you share it with your community?

Kanna is still a fairly under-the-radar plant medicine. I love being able to introduce my readers, who are generally open minded and curious about psychoactive substances, to something they've never heard of!


Has anything special or unexpected occurred because of our collaboration?

I had the pleasure of interviewing KA!'s Chief Science Officer, Alex Ott, last year for Tricycle Day, and it ended up being one of the top ten most popular "Psychonaut POVs" of the year.


What would you say to folks considering becoming KA! Ambassadors? 

Try out the product and see what you think. If it benefits you, how could you not want to share it with others?

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