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Meet Holistic Health Practitioner and KA! Ambassador Manuela Welton

Meet Holistic Health Practitioner and KA! Ambassador Manuela Welton

Who are you and what are you all about? 

I am! I am interested in expanding human consciousness. I am here to learn about who we are as a species, spiritually and emotionally. I love creativity, expression, art, and the path of self-realization through creativity and healing. I love to move, dance, write, photograph, and have slow mornings and flowers. I amplify joy and support others in doing the same. 

Do you have a practice/business/service? If so, what is it?

Yes. I’ve been running a holistic healing practice for 17 years that offers several modalities that work with the mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit. These range from intuition, movement, breath, energy, cultural experiences, constellations, and forms of resetting the self to deepening our understanding of multiple layers. 

Why did you start your practice/business/service?

After many challenging life events, I began walking the healing path at a very young age. I’ve been very blessed to have many mentors, starting at age seven and crossing paths with my second mentor at age 13. I have been very grateful to have many mentors across my life. Like many people with early life challenges, I started my healing practice to understand myself clearly. Its mission expanded as I grew, including supporting others I recognized emphatically their beauty and struggle. I never picked it–it chose me. When I was young, I wanted to act, and this path became apparent as time passed. 


How do you incorporate KA! into your life? What kind of impact has it had?

KA! and Kanna have had a profound role in my life. I found out about it before KA! was born. KA! helped me open my senses, reconnect with my heart, and amplify my being while also learning to forgive myself and others. 

What I love about KA is that I can take it everywhere! I travel a lot, so I take a few drops before takeoff. Some mornings, I take it before I want to spend time with my creativity; other times, I take it when I want to connect with friends. Honestly, I have it with me all the time!


What's your favorite thing about KA? How do you share it with your community?

This year, I aim to bring it to the retreats I’m hosting and community events. For now, it's been shared in my community–and everyone loves it! 


Has anything special or unexpected occurred because of our collaboration? 

Seeing KA! grow is very special because I worked with Stephanie, its founder when it was just an idea. 

So, I’m beyond proud of this incredible product, work, and the team she’s created. I know a lot of heart, soul, and time have been dedicated to it, and I am beyond excited to see how it grows!


What would you say to folks considering becoming KA! Ambassadors? 

If you believe in the product, if it’s part of your life, if you love it–Why not? It’s so easy to share a product that one believes in and loves.

And the product will find its way to the hearts of those who will appreciate it.  

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