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Meet Hypnotherapist and KA! Ambassador Sarita Farnelli

Meet Hypnotherapist and KA! Ambassador Sarita Farnelli

1. Who are you and what are you all about? 

My name is Sarita. I'm all about existing in a harmonious relationship to Earth and others. So much of what we do is compartmentalized and disconnected, so my aim is to help others bridge the elements of their worlds together for a balanced life.


2. Do you have a practice/business/service? If so, what is it?

My practice is called Fernlily Wellness. I'm a hypnotherapist with a focus on integration, bringing the subconscious into our conscious lives and using what our inner healing wisdom teaches us to spark action. I'm also a meditation DJ and teach qigong and tai chi!


3. Why did you start your practice/business/service?

I started Fernlily Wellness as a way of sharing my skills and offerings with others. I have a passion for hypnotherapy and subconscious healing and have a calling to make it widely known and accessible. I believe we can heal our relationships to others, ourselves and our bodies in surprising ways by allowing our intuition to arise.


4. How do you incorporate KA! into your life? What kind of impact has it had?

I find that KA! adds a little sparkle to my day. I will take a chew in the morning and take a dose of tincture during my workday to keep my experiences empathetic and fresh. I work in a field that often leads to burnout from a lot of repetitive, sometimes fatiguing or heavy conversations, so KA! helps me feel like every moment with each person I encounter is special and new.


5. What's your favorite thing about KA! and how you share it with your community?

My favorite thing about KA! is that it's such a wonderfully researched and safe product. These days it can be difficult to find something like that. I love when someone asks me how I stay so mellow in intense situations, and I get to say that KA! makes it easier! It's as easy to talk about as chamomile tea, and there's no stigma or caveats.


6. Has anything special or unexpected occurred because of our collaboration

Something surprising has been a new burst of creative energy after a long bout of writer's block. After I started taking KA! I started a blog, and I have been making music more easily.


7. What would you say to folks considering becoming KA! Ambassadors? 

The KAmmunity is awesome and we'd love to get to know you!

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