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Meet Somatic Practitioner and KA! Ambassador Boris Haliad-Elul

Meet Somatic Practitioner and KA! Ambassador Boris Haliad-Elul

Who are you and what are you all about? 

I am a Somatic Practitioner, a dancer, martial artist, world traveler, spiritual pioneer. I am about aligning myself and supporting other to live in harmony with authentic self realization. 


Do you have a practice/business/service? If so, what is it?

I have a somatic online practice drawing from a therapeutic system called Core Energetics. It operates on the principle that love is the highest form of intelligence. The process involves releasing resistance to love and allowing the flow of love to heal all aspects of our lives. My website is: 


Why did you start your practice/business/service?

I worked in physical therapy for 15 years with the body noticing how physical issues reflect emotional pain. Knowing this opened up a curiosity and desire to go to the root of the issues. 

Doing inner work also helped my heal both physical and emotional issues I struggled with most of my life. This inspired me to support others on the same journey. 


How do you incorporate KA! into your life? What kind of impact has it had?

I am building a relationship with KA! I learned that it has a youthful, playful nature that helps me get out of my serious patterns I get sucked into at times. It is teaching me to be more lighthearted and soften my heart with others. 


What's your favorite thing about KA! and how you share it with your community?

My favorite thing is how it works with playful intelligence aligning my health to heal my serotonin creation and absorption mechanism. 


Has anything special or unexpected occurred because of our collaboration? 

I haven't had many people ask me about SSRI's but once I became aware of KA! My clients started asking what would be a good healthy alternative. 


What would you say to folks considering becoming KA! Ambassadors?

It's a great company with wonderful people who are in this for the right reasons. Each person brings their own gifts into the company and it feels like a family, community. 

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