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The Mindful Experience on 'Kanna: the power of plants for conscious evolution'

The Mindful Experience on 'Kanna: the power of plants for conscious evolution'

In this episode, Keith Fiveson from Microdose interviews Stephanie Wang, founder of KA! Empathogenics, on all things Kanna.

Wang discusses her own journey with psychedelics and plant medicines, which led her to discover Kanna's traditional uses by indigenous populations in South Africa as well as recent research supporting its calming and mood-lifting effects. She shares insights from her presentation on Kanna at the Wonderland Miami conference, where she advocated for its potential to aid in conscious evolution when incorporated into a holistic wellness approach.

"I enjoyed meeting with Stephanie Wang and hearing about her journey with plant medicine and psychedelics has led her to discover the power of Kanna. I’ve been enjoying my supply of KA! This unique plant has the potential to help individuals achieve full-spectrum wellness and aliveness by providing calming and uplifting effects simultaneously. Her work at KA! Empathogenics seeks to promote the power of plants for conscious evolution and wellness.”

The Conscious Evolution is here. 🕛 Check out the full episode: 

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