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The Psychedelic Coach podcast on their 'favorite LEGAL microdosing plant'

The Psychedelic Coach podcast on their 'favorite LEGAL microdosing plant'

In this episode, hosts Tah and Kole Whitty sit down with KA! Empathogenics founder Stephanie Wang to discuss Kanna, a plant medicine from South Africa.

Known to many as "the happiest plant on earth," Kanna has played a significant role in Indigenous communities for millennia. First discovered and utilized by some of humanity's earliest inhabitants, the San hunter-gatherers, Kanna's succulent roots provided benefits like enhanced mood, focus and stamina during multi-day hunts.

KA! Empathogenics carries on this rich ancestral heritage, stewarding Kanna's gifts by making it more accessible to the modern world. 

This was a great deep episode on Kanna's history, indigenous wisdom, and collective healing. We can't recommend it enough! 


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