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Tricycle Day: Chief Scientist Alex Ott on psychoactives + flavor chemistry

Tricycle Day: Chief Scientist Alex Ott on psychoactives + flavor chemistry

Our very own Chief Scientist, Alex Ott was interviewed by Henry Winslow on Tricycle Day. 

Ott has an impressive background as a double PhD holder, psychonaut, flavor chemist and more! In this feature, he discusses his background in molecular biology and bartending, and how these experiences led him to study the effects of flavors on psychoactive experiences.

He also shares insights into Kanna's benefits from his work with KA! Empathogenics, and envisions a future where flavor science plays a bigger role in better understanding and developing psychedelic products to enhance experiences and health outcomes. Fun fact: Alex also incorporated plant medicines into personalized wellness programs for celebrity clients.

Check out this short, but fascinating read: Psychonaut POV

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