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Flowers with powers


Chews your adventure

Kanna Chews

fixed, precise dose of 30mg of Kanna
longer onset, with subtle “time release” effects
feeling can last all day 
intense tingling mouth sensation
fuller sensorial experience—smell, taste, feel—that engages your whole system
100% absorption of nutrients and phytochemicals via gastrointestinal system
uniquely delicious, refreshing Acmella and Mint-forward taste 
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Kanna Tincture

flexible dosing for custom micro or macro Kanna use 
quicker onset, with more immediate “peak” effects 
feeling can last up to a few hours 
minimal tingling mouth sensation  
more abbreviated and punctuated engagement of the senses
partial absorption of nutrients and phytochemicals via mucosal membrane in the mouth
uniquely delicious, sweet Sandalwood-forward taste 
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Yes, you can take them together!

Combining our Kanna supplements creates a stronger, all-day effect that kicks in immediately. The Chews act as a time-release “foundational” layer, while the Tincture serves as an enlivening boost whenever you want to feel more.

First, take a Chew, then boost with ~10 drops of the Tincture as needed. Do not exceed 40 drops (2 full dropperfuls) in a 24-hour period if you’ve already taken a Chew.

What do KA! Kanna supplements do?

Kanna is a natural empathogen and psychoactive (not psychedelic) plant, clinically-proven to reduce stress and improve focus, as well as increase feelings of empathy and euphoria. It offers a range of benefits and helps people feel more alive, capable and connected to themselves, others and nature.

  • Tingles when it hits
  • Calms the mind
  • Uplifting and grounding at the same time
  • Promotes empathy and connection
  • Scientifically-proven ancient remedy
  • No sugar, no preservatives, no :(
  • Supports nervous, cognitive, circulatory, immune & digestive systems
  • Sustainably, ethically grown, and sourced
  • Safe, legal, sober, non-addictive


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