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Psychedelics Today on 'Kanna: love and wholeness through nature’s alternative to MDMA'

Psychedelics Today on 'Kanna: love and wholeness through nature’s alternative to MDMA'

Listen to Joe Moore from Psychedelics Today interview our Founder and CEO Stephanie Wang about the first-ever empathogenic supplement Kanna Chew.

This episode explores our favorite plant Kanna (or Sceletium tortuosum), a succulent native to South Africa that functions as a natural serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It's releasing heart-opening agent is similar to MDMA, but with additional benefits like sleep improvement, gut anti-inflammation, focus, awareness increase, as well as a feeling of brain recalibration and homeostasis.

Stephanie breaks down the science behind Kanna, its history with the Khoisan people, her first Kanna ceremony experience, proper usage guidelines, and why she chose to name the company KA!

Their conversation touches on additional topics as well, such as the importance of sensitivities around creating comparisons, society's movement towards natural health remedies, the degrees of preparedness for psychedelic substances across modern cultures, and the complexity behind answering the question, 'How are you?'.

Dive in, it's a good one! 🎤 🌀



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